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How you can tackle low self-confidence

Eliminating Low Confidence It’s only natural for our self-confidence levels to wax and wane throughout our lifetime but occasionally certain memories cause our confidence levels to reduce and remain low. Low self-confidence can make it tough to cope in a … Continue reading

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Eliminating anger successfully

Eradicating rage correctly There are lots of different thoughts that we suffer during the day, the majority of us can handle these emotions and stay in control. Strong thoughts, such as rage, may sometimes be harder for some people to … Continue reading

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Why does hypnotherapy work so effectively?

Why does a hypnotic approach work so successfully? People sometimes wonder if a hypnotic approach is effective mainly due to the way it has been depicted, especially on television. Well, research studies have now shown that hypnosis has an effect … Continue reading

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How a hypnotic approach builds confidence

A formula for confidence utilising a hypnotic approach As a modern society, we are becoming increasingly isolated as we converse ever more through electronic devices and less and less via face to face communications. It is all too easy for … Continue reading

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Why Gastric Band Hypnosis Is So Successful

The Reason Why Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Strategies Are So Good Gastric band hypnotherapy is a process that focuses on obesity. Specialist techniques, used together with hypnotherapy treatments offer a very customised and beneficial treatment. This virtual gastric band approach is … Continue reading

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How nail biting issue can be overcome with hypnosis

The nail biting issue can be solved with a hypnotic approach

People commonly believe that nail biting is truly an unappealing and objectionable habit. Many individuals bite their nails in their school years then stop in the later years of adolescence. An unfortunate few keep this habit into adulthood causing actual physical damage to their fingers: making use of it as a crutch to take care of anxiety and panic or other underlying problems. Hypnotherapy is commonly used to help those suffering from this negative behaviour.

What is classed as a negative behaviour?

A habit is identified as being a pattern of behaviour that’s chronic and customarily subconscious. It’s actually something we obtain by reproducing a particular behaviour many times. The nature of a habit is that it is not hard to get into but tough to get out of. A habit is defined as a bad one when it causes harm to us emotionally or bodily.

Comfort eating, drinking and cigarettes are activities people undertake. It is when these activities are carried out without you purposely doing them, without you creating the conscious thoughts leading to the activity that you know it is a habit. It’s when you have just stubbed out a cigarette or chewed off a whole nail and then discover you can’t recall consciously choosing to do it.

Why is fingernail biting a negative habit?

Fingernail biting is, generally, a behavioural pattern developed by individuals suffering from anxiety and panic, but can also be a purely physical habit. One reason why nail biting is so bad for you is that it hurts your body. In milder cases, you can have red fingers and shredded cuticles which could be more prone to getting snagged or which hurt when they make contact with fresh lemon juice or salt. Once in a while, fingers could become disfigured as the nail is completely lost.

It just isn’t just your fingers that can be affected; there are lots of dental issues relating to nail biting too. Gingival injury is where consist ant nail biting erodes gingival tissue (soft tissue in the mouth) in a specific area. You may transfer nasty infections to the body by having oral exposure to the bacteria tucked away deep in the nail bed.

Most nail biters know that they have an issue but they simply don’t have the ability to stop it. It can be very mortifying to catch yourself nibbling away and realising you are surrounded by individuals who are finding the behaviour unappealing. It’s also distressing when friends notice your ruined fingers and nails.

The most important thing to recognise is that the nail biting is on the whole a coping system for something a little bit deeper that needs bringing to the forefront of the mind and handling.

People use hypnotherapy strategies to help stop nail biting and quite a few people see good results sometimes after only one or two sessions.

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