Client Feedback

Client Feedback

This page is for clients to share the experience about the hypnotherapy they have had at The Richmond Hypnotherapy Clinic. Please feel free to leave suggestions about the service you’ve received. If you leave a comment please only use your first name when you sign off to preserve you’re confidentiality. Please use your full name when you complete the form below as I obviously will only allow comments from previous clients.



“Thank you very much for your very effective and personalised course of hypnotherapy treatment for insomnia. I am now more able to relax and sleep using the techniques which I have learned.”

-Joe (Richmond)

“I went to the richmond hypnotherapy clinic to get support giving up smoking 9 months ago. I really felt it was time to give up at 33 as I had been smoking since a teenager, and had been promising too give up and making half hearted attempts for years.

Following the treatment I immediately found that I still had physical cravings (straight out of the office as I had been in there over an hour). The difference this time was that when a craving came, subconsciously a big NOOOOO popped into my head and I instantly thought of all the reasons why I don’t want to smoke. It also combated the escalating panic with a craving (that smokers will identify with) where you end up on a blind hunt to find tobacco like you are possessed (often not noticing the physical craving has passed whilst routing around in draws and ashtrays). The thoughts popped into my head that ‘I am not missing out’ and ‘this craving will pass so hang on’. Within 2 minutes the cravings went and I could get on with my day unaffected. Its like my subconscious now reacted to a craving differently, in a calmer way. After 2 weeks I noticed it getting easier and easier.

It still took will power to stop, but it was like my mind was working with me. I haven’t smoked now for 9 months and am sure I won’t. I no longer see myself as a smoker and can be around people smoking and not notice or want to join in. I now get that it is a mental addiction so the hypnotherapy helped me change that, you need to go along with the messages that pop in your head during a craving though, it would have been easy to go ‘sod it’ or ‘just this one’ and light up.”

-Richard (Surrey)

“As someone who bit their nails for over thirty year’s I had tried all the conventional methods to stop. After just four sessions with William, I had stopped biting my nails, which improved my self esteem and indeed appearance no end.

He is a great hypnotherapist and I for one would thoroughly recommend him.”

-Gary (London)

2 Responses to Client Feedback

  1. Steve James says:

    Hi Will

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the sessions we had recently and to give you some feed back on my progress.

    It’s just over two months since my last session and I have played golf as usual twice a week but my handicap has dropped from 18 to 14 in that period.

    Now that may not seem a lot but I have been playing golf regularly for over 10 years and I have never got below 18 before. In the last comp I played so well my mates were throwing words around like ‘bandit’ when I scored 49 points on stableford.

    Needless to say I am very pleased (even if my mates are not although you may well get a few more clients!!)

    Do you think if I came back we could drop it even more? Maybe concentrating on my chipping and putting as I lose a few points there?

    Steve (Kingston)

  2. Sally (Leatherhead) says:

    Dear Will

    I just wanted to let you know that the work we did together has completely changed my behaviour towards food.

    All over Christmas I did not over eat. I kept to reasonable portions. Okay I didn’t lose any weight but I did not even put on a pound, and as we discussed, that in itself is a big change.

    But the real change is I just don’t think about food and eating any more. I’m able to resist easily the temptation that friends and family put in front of me. You know us Italians we love our food, which of course has been my downfall in the past.

    It’s now 6 week since we finished the sessions and I have shed 13 lbs which is nearly a stone and just over 2 lbs each week on average. I am ecstatic.

    The weight loss has been pretty constant it has not plateaued yet, fingers crossed.

    I am well in sight to lose 2 stone before my wedding in April. Thanks so much.

    Sally (Leatherhead)

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