Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

gastric band hypnotherapyOver the last few years Gastric band operations have received a lot of media coverage showing the incredible results that can be had from the procedure. With its high profile comes a neglect of understanding of the risks of the procedure. Like any medical procedure a medical gastric band carries with it a significant cost, approximately £8000. The part that people really seem to ignore is the risks of the operation and recovery. Risks of complications during surgery, with anesthetic and of course, assuming the operation goes well of recovery with possible complications such as infection. Recovery is slow and still problems can occur down the line.

Surgery may not be the answer

With this in mind the gastric band hypnotherapy technique was developed by the Surrey Institute of clinical hypnotherapy where the client is put into a hypnotic state and from there the therapist instills ideas and feelings of being full at much earlier stages of their meals. This feeling is a way of gaining the same message that the brain gets from the stomach when full naturally but from the sub-conscious. This negates the need for invasive surgery.

Beware of charlatans!

Some therapists have made this technique into a whole treatment taking a client through every stage from build up to surgery, to the hospital, the surgery itself and the recovery. This however, doesn’t add to the therapy at all.

How is gastric band hypnotherapy best applied?

Gastric band hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool as part of a wider hypnotherapy weight loss program. Other aspects such as lifestyle, diet, attitudes to food and reasons for eating are all factors and all influence our consumption and therefore our weights. At the Richmond Hypnotherapy Clinic I use this method of covering all bases to help clients lose weight. This is because I want my clients to be able to keep the weight off and enjoy their life at their desired weight.

If you would like to make an appointment or discuss weight loss or gastric band hypnotherapy further please contact me.

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