Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy for Fear of FlyingMany people suffer from a fear of flying and for many different reasons. These reasons are usually irrational but none the less deeply seated in their sub-conscious. It’s well established that flying is safer than any other form of transport but this doesn’t stop some people from being scared of it. However, hypnotherapy for fear of flying can make a significant difference to the experience people have when flying.

For some people a bad experience of turbulence could trigger the fear, which over time develops and gets to the point where they cannot fly at all. Some people don’t trust the pilot, despite them being massively regulated and regularly trained and tested. Others can’t trust the plane itself.

Why do I get so scared?

These emotional responses are triggered by the sub-conscious part of the mind. This part of the mind learns through experience and repetition. A small experience, perhaps not even on a plane but some other form of transport could have sewn the seed of this idea. The sub-conscious is then just trying to protect you by activating the “fight or flight” response. By reasoning with the sub-conscious the fear can be reduced and abolished.

Airlines and airports don’t help the situation either by giving unhelpful but suggestive messages

Messages like:

  • Final departure
  • Terminal
  • Final call

Through hypnotherapy the root cause for the client’s fear of flying can be identified and dealt with. This problem can then be reasoned and therefore the level of anxiety lowered.

Stress and worry can begin long before a flight and can lead to people dreading going away

Each step before a flight can be a nerve racking experience from booking the tickets, to packing the bags to ordering a taxi, making the sufferer anxious before they even fly.

Hypnotherapy can help by:

  • Dealing with the underlying reason for fear of flying began
  • Teaching the client calming and distraction techniques
  • By de-sensitising to the event by running through it in the calm, tranquil environment of the therapy session
  • Encouraging calmer thought processes
  • Removing negative emotions relating to flying
  • Dealing with irrational fears
  • Increasing confidence and self-belief
  • Increasing feeling of calm and well-being

To become a calm, confident flyer, please get in contact and make an appointment for my hypnotherapy for fear of flying sessions.

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