Richmond Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in Surrey

Richmond Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in SurreyLike the rest of the world, many people in the Richmond area suffer from insomnia. People with insomnia often believe that they are “insomniacs”, i.e. genetically prone to insomnia. Nothing can be further from the truth. Every life form on the planet has a dormant phase so sleep is normal, therefore insomnia is abnormal. Hypnotherapy for insomnia helps to return you to a more normal pattern of sleep.

Insomnia is nearly always maintained by an underlying anxiety or worry and this is what interrupts our usual sleep routine. This anxiety or worry is what people with insomnia tend to reflect on whilst attempting to sleep. This reflection generates high levels of anxiety and therefore an increased level of alertness within the insomniac which leads to sleep eluding them. At times this worry is so low level that the client may not be conscious of it and as a result believes there is no reason for the lack of sleep.

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia can solve many problems

People with sleep problems can often have a whole host of problems associated with sleeplessness. Problems connected with insomnia are:-

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Health problems

This is where hypnotherapy for insomnia can help. All of the above issues put pressure on the sufferer and tend to disturb the natural sleep patterns. The hypnotherapy for insomnia programme can address some of these issues in a calm and natural way.

Insomnia frequently co-exists with other issues and can be the key factor in the other disorder. For instance, someone with depression may have considerable sleep disruption. This sleep disruption will cause fatigue which makes it far harder for the person to deal with and resolve their feelings of depression. So achieving a more normal sleep pattern can considerably help with the depression. This is true with lots of anxiety disorders.

Richmond Hypnotherapy for Insomnia – How can it help?

Richmond Hypnotherapy for InsomniaI will help you return to a more regular pattern of sleep by using hypnotherapy to resolve any underlying anxiety issues and help you to get back to a regular sleep habit. Hypnotherapy for insomnia is exceedingly effective at educating you to relax at the appropriate times. So teaching you how to relax before sleep is a significant part of the therapy. Relaxation is a pre-cursor to sleep and without it sleep will elude you.

Hypnotherapy really can be of assistance with insomnia.  If used properly it is a very effective weapon against the lack of sleep that affects people’s lives significantly. Why not come and give hypnotherapy for insomnia a try and learn to sleep on it.

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