Hypnotherapy for phobias

hypnotherapy for phobiasWhether you are scared of needles, spiders, snakes, ladybirds, or whether its a fear of flying or small enclosed spaces, these, and many more, are all phobias that can be dealt with and stopped effectively by using hypnotherapy.

Here at Richmond Hypnotherapy Clinic my hypnotherapy for phobias programme can rid you of your fear, whether it is a more common one such as spiders, wasps or birds, to the slightly unusual such as boiled eggs or balloons!

No phobia is too unusual for me to help rid you of. Even if you think your phobia is something so strange that you must be the only person that has it, chances are I’ve already used my hypnotherapy for phobias programme to treat someone for it.

A phobia is the more common form of anxiety, with around 16% of the population suffering from some form of phobia, possibly more. Using hypnotherapy for phobias has been shown to be a very effective form of treatment.

It is an intense, sometimes extreme or persistent fear of certain things, situations or people, the main symptom of which is to run away as far as possible from the particular thing that scares us. It is when this irrational fear becomes so intense that it gets beyond our control and interferes with our daily life that it is then usually classed as an anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for phobias – Why do I have a phobia?

If you are a phobia sufferer, the cause of the phobia is usually traced right back to childhood. This is known as ISE, Initial Sensitising Event. For example, if a child sees their Mum or Dad scared of ladybirds, the child will then decide this is normal behaviour and become scared of them too. So the childs phobia of ladybirds is born and becomes firmly and deeply set in their subconscious mind.

The fear for a phobia sufferer can be limitless. It can be so deeply rooted within the sufferers subconscious mind that any rational thoughts are essentially kicked out.

Hypnotherapy for phobias is extremely effective in relieving the sufferer from their particular phobia, as it helps the hypnotherapist to correspond with the sufferers thought processes and break their current irrational thoughts.

Hypnotherapy for phobias – What causes a phobia?

richmond hypnotherapy for phobiasPhobias begin from a mixture of external events and internal predispositions.

Lots of phobias can be traced back to a certain triggering event. This is normally a traumatic experience at an early age. By using hypnotherapy I can eliminate the emotion that is attached to that event, allowing a different response to be installed instead.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias – Your phobia can be a thing of the past

Imagine how it will fear when you are able to see the object of your fear without anxiety and no physical response within you. It does not mean necessarily that you will suddenly like what you were phobic about. It just means that you will have a more “normal” response to it.

“Imagine being free from the torment and terror your phobia causes you, hypnotherapy for phobias no longer a prisoner to your irrational fears”

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