Unwanted Habits

Unwanted Habits

Unwanted habitsWe all have habits in some form or other, but sometimes our habits become inappropriate or even just plain annoying for loved ones and others. To make it worse, often people aren’t aware of their habits which can put serious strain on their relationships with others.

These unwanted habits can be dealt with through a course of hypnotherapy

Unwanted habits can be things like:

  • Nail biting
  • Thumb sucking
  • Scratching
  • Pulling hair
  • Clearing throat
  • Tapping
  • Nose picking
  • Sniffing

How can hypnotherapy help remove unwanted habits?

Repetition and past experience form habits as our sub-conscious minds learn patterns to protect us. Unfortunately, sometimes the sub-conscious perpetuates habits which are not beneficial to us. This is when help is usually sought.

Hypnotherapy can help resolve unwanted habits by identifying the original reason the habit was created and what the client gets from it. From there I can work with the client, communicating with his or her sub-conscious to re-evaluate the need for this habit and to make sure that the benefit the client got from it is not lost.

Although habits may seem like a small matter they can have a serious impact on people’s relationships and can be a great source of tension. Habits can even have a detrimental influence at work where someone’s habit may lead to them being overlooked for promotion or resented by colleagues. Think of what that habit could be costing you both financially but personally. It may seem like a small thing but habits can do a lot of damage to people’s lives.

Unwanted habits can be so easy to stop whilst adding so much quality of life that it’s crazy to put up with them. Most habits can be stopped with a short course of hypnotherapy.

To book an appointment or to discuss how hypnotherapy can help with stopping unwanted habits please get in contact.

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